Book Guide: 5 Must Read Books In Your 20's


In this fascinating book, author says don't take any load in your life. Live life without any ambitions in life is totally ok. This is a book you must read in your 20's to look at your life by different way.

by Mark Mansom


This book is very practical on how to influence people by our communication skill and personality. It is best toolkit for influencing people in your life. Must Read!

by Dale Carnegie


You must heard the name of this book! This is best book on understanding money. I actually read this book first time, brilliant narrative. You must read this book in your 20s to know about how to make money and save that money.

by Robert Kiyosaki


Absolutely Brilliant Book! In this book you will learn, for achieving big milestone in our life then we don't have to take big scary  decisions. Only by taking small tiny changes in our life can make huge difference in our life. Must Read Book!

by Jame Clear


 If you know what is Growth Mindset? This book is on that concept! Author is so clearly about what is the difference in fixed mindset and growth mindset. This Book will open up your mind by so meaningful thoughts written in this book.

by Jame Clear

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There is no friend as loyal as a Book.

- Ernest Hemingway

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