Conversiobot Review 2022 – Is It Scam Or Legit?

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I know you are looking for a conversiobot review online. The truth of the best AI Chatbot is, It is a completely legit product that transforms your website virtually into automated leads & sales bot! But there is one thing that needs to be known before buying the product, Read more about Conversiobot Review 2022 – Good Or Not? (With Live Demo)



Grow your business with chatbots and conversational marketing.

What Is Conversiobot?

Conversiobot is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that helps website owners in pulling massive leads, sales, and followers.

This artificial intelligence chatbot tool responds to every visitor to your website, interacts with your audience, and sends high-conversion emails. Converiobot is an easy-to-use ‘Drag and Drop builder. To run the AI chat Bot, simply we need to copy and paste a single line of code.

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If you own a website and want to increase your profits, this is the place to be. so you’re a newbie to the online platform looking for quick results? Then this AI Chatbot can assist you in converting more visitors into customers.

Here are some bullet points on what conversiobot gives?

  • Increases Website Sales
  • Automatically Generate Huge Number Of Quality Leads
  • Works For Huge Range Of Business
  • There Is No Need To Learn Technical Skills To Use Conversiobot
  • Easy To Use Plugin

What Is Chat Bot?

A chatbot is designed for interacting with human beings over the internet. Chat Bot is a digital assistant that learns and delivers information as they gather and process information from the user.

There are mainly two types of chatbots that were used in the industry,

  • Task-oriented Chatbot
  • Conversational Chatbot

Task-oriented chatbots are only focused on one function like inquiries, Questions Hub, etc. they are the most commonly used Chatbot.

Conversational Chatbot is also known as digital assistance or virtual assistance. They are much more effective than a task-oriented chatbot because conversational chatbots are contextually aware and they can process natural human language more effectively.

What Does ConversioBot Offer?

Conversiobot offers two front end offers and four OTO’s(One Time Offer)

You can add any one-time offer if you choose the front-end offer. Below you will find the brief about these offers.

Front End – ConversioBot Lite And ConversioBot Pro

In the Pro offer, you will get a commercial license, You can make custom chatbots, and also you can sell them.

The Conversiobot Pro offer is the best deal than the Lite front end offer

Here You Need To Mention Product price Including All Upsell Info With Their Price !!

OTO No. 1 – Done For You Pro

By purchasing this one-time offer – ‘Done For You Pro’, You will get extra premade chatbot templates. It allows you to create different types of chatbots and it is very easy to use.

OTO No.2 – Auto Chat Builder

If you don’t have enough time to write information and customize the template then this one-time offer will wake you up. You don’t need to enter data manually, and the auto chat builder will combine this data with the template.

OTO No.3 – ConversioBot Extreme

ConversioBot Extreme is the most useful tool in my opinion. In the above offers are not the various types of bots as like embedded bots, full-page bots in conversiobot extreme.

It allows you branding of your chatbots to link the bank to your website. Hence, you will get more leads, profits, and subscriptions.

OTO No.4 – Agency License

The agency license offer is a multi-user license, that allows you to automate and outsource to your team or virtual assistant.

Including this, the ‘Done For You Pro’ website builder is included also. using this builder, you can make an attractive and appealing website template and it is very handy to use.

Conversiobot Pricing

ConversioBot has currently two prices,

In the Pro offer, you will get extra features and perks. You will get,

  • Unlimited Chatbots
  • Commercial License (That allows you to customize the bots or you can sell it anywhere)
  • Multi-User License
  • Done For You ‘AI Chat’ 10 Templates

Does conversiobot Is Worth Buying?

Yes, ConversioBot Is not a scam. It is worth buying, As it is easy to use and simple to add virtual in any type of website.

One thing I highlight here is, By only installing this tool you will not get hundreds of dollars every month. You have considered that the visitors are coming to your site are much more and also they are interested in your product, that you post everyday.

However, by fulfilling these two conditions, you will get massive leads, profit, and blog subscribers.

Conversiobot Review – Final Verdict

The Final Outcome Of Doing This Product Review is making this chatbot more worthy to buy. Because of AI this AI Chatbot, this tool answers the visitor’s questions easily and effectively. It will reduce effort up to 80 % of your daily tasks.

Conversiobot gives 30 Days’ money-back guarantee.

It also offers the best one-time offer like agency license, auto-chat builder, and commercial license. It will be a great product for increasing visitor engagement and generating massive leads.

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