Cheap Room Heater In India 2022

  • Efficient Warmth: Ideal for use in small rooms
  • Noiseless 1200 Watts heater provides instant heating during winters.
  • Effective Cord Length 1.5 meters
  • Customizable heating needs with three heat settings (400W to  800W)
  • Featuring dual safety device: Tip-over switch against tilting and a Thermal fuse
  • 1 years warranty provided by Candes from date of purchase
  • Thermal Fuse, Safety tilt switch to safeguard against improper installation
  • Best Affordable Cheap Room Heater 800 Watt

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Topic: Cheap Room Heater In India 2022

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Cheap Room Heater In India 2022

Winter is starting, Are you looking for a room heater of 800 watts. So, this Candes new infra halogen room heater is considered to be the best affordable cheap room heater. It keeps your Living Room, Bed Room, Guest Room, Dining Room, Kitchen warmer than other heaters at this price range.

Before Concluding the best room heater at a cheap price, Here candes come with up to 3 Heating rods and 2 power modes of 400 w and 800 w for finding your best temperature. It also comes with overheat protection. it has auto thermal shut-off technology to prevent overheating.

Candes room heater has a shockproof and unbreakable body with ABS Technology, Even it has long life warranty copper motor it is surprisingly noiseless. It runs operation without any noise, and also it saves your electricity bill by energy-saver feature.

Basic Principle Of  A Room Heater?

An electric heater is an electrical device that converts an electric current into heat. The heating element is called a resistor, it works on the principle of Joule heating. When an electric current passes through a resistor will convert that electrical energy into heat energy.

There are many types of room heaters in the home appliances according to various shapes and sizes. It is normally divided into a Convection heater, Infrared heater, Fan heater, Heat pumps, etc.

In Infrared heaters, electricity passes through a conductive wire which will cause the hot wire to emit infrared radiation that is transferred into the air or space until it hits any solid substance in the environment. This heat directly warms the people in the room.

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